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Divorce can be a simple or complicated process, depending on the circumstances of your unique situation. It is not a cookie-cutter matter because of the variation of personalities, finances, personal histories, family dynamics, and other factors that are involved.

Fortunately, the state of Nebraska makes the process as simple as possible through its pure no-fault policy. You do not have to prove any wrongdoing of your spouse in court to accomplish your divorce. This eliminates the blame and bitterness that can often accompany the process.

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If you need a divorce and in search of information concerning your rights and how to handle the issues involved, you can turn to the experienced family law lawyers from Scarff Law Firm. Our firm provides our clients with responsive, caring, and capable legal representation throughout the entirety of the divorce process. You may have a simple uncontested divorce that can be accomplished quickly, or you may have complex issues that will need resolution, such as contested child custody and property division.

Our Omaha divorce attorney is fully experienced in handling all issues related to divorce and doing so in the most efficient, least-stressful manner possible.

Is Nebraska a No Fault Divorce State?

In 1972, the state of Nebraska approved its no-fault divorce law which means a judge can dissolve you marriage if it is deemed "irretrievably broken.” Even if your spouse disagrees with you, you can still petition for a no-fault divorce.

You will only have to demonstrate to the court that there is no hope of a reconciliation between you and your spouse. This can be done through your own testimony as well as that of family and friends. Before filing for divorce, either you or your spouse must reside in Nebraska for at least one year.

How to File for Divorce

You must file a petition with the court that includes the proposed details of your divorce such as:

  • Statements regarding the breakdown of the marriage

  • Statements regarding any children involved along with custody and visitation arrangements

  • Details about your marital property and debts, including pensions and retirement accounts

  • Whether either spouse will seek spousal support (alimony)

You will then have to wait for 60 days before a judge can hear your case. During this period, you can work out the details of your divorce arrangements with your spouse, such as those involving children, property, and more. If you and your spouse can agree on settlement terms, your agreement can be submitted to the court for approval when your hearing takes place. If you cannot come to an agreement, then the judge will have to make these decisions for you based on the evidence that both sides presents.

Helping You Make Important Decisions

Working through differences to achieve a settlement agreement regarding child custody, an equitable division of marital property and debt, alimony, and the myriad other concerns and issues you may have may be difficult but not impossible. Scarff Law Firm is here to help you resolve all your critical concerns in the most efficient but satisfactory way possible.

Our firm is dedicated to helping you arrive at a parenting plan that serves your needs and is in the best interests of your child(ren). We are also here to help you thoroughly address and resolve all the financial issues you face. We know that these issues will have a profound impact on your future. Whether through simple communication, lengthy negotiation, or through necessary litigation in court, our firm is here to provide strong advocacy in resolving these matters as amicably as possible.

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